Mlympix- Unveil the essence of ancient game Chaupar games online

Today, the virtual online world is not an alien concept. Even in the bleakest part of our lives, we find an online presence to help with our needs. Be it doing shopping, selling the products, or even availing services everything is done digitally today. One such field is online gaming which has taken the market by storm.

The games that we used to play on grounds, or board, they too have hopped into the online world. At Mlympix, you can find your favorite games, especially if you want to gain the experience of chaupar, then we at Mlympix have the option to play chaupar game online for you.

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Why is Mlympix better than others for you?

Mlympix is an advanced gaming platform that offers a multitude of games to play online and win real cash at the same time. Hence, you get to make money while enjoying the gaming process with no strenuous tasks.

We have categorically divided the games into two parts: sports games and board games. Talking about board games, you have the option to play chaupar game online.

The chaupar game is completely free of cost and can be played with 3-4 players. The design of our app is user-friendly that allows our users to easily move around and kick-start gaming.

Apart from our astounding app features, the game matches organized on our platform enable the users to cash at every win. In addition, various leagues and tournaments are also available on our platform that is as big as national matches.

How can you download the Mlympix application?

Step 1

First off, the users have to visit the official website of Mlympix to download the app on android. On the homepage, click on the install application and tap OK to start the installation. For example: to download chaupar for android, you have to install the Mlympix app first.

Step 2

After selecting OK, the process to download the app initiates. The app gets downloaded pretty easily since it is an android friendly app and currently supports Android 7.0 and above.

Step 3

Once the downloading gets completed, the user has to open the settings and turn on the "unknown source" to complete the installation successfully.

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Chaupar games online on Mlympix- The Gameplay

The players who are seeking to play chaupar online can easily avail of the classic board game of chaupar at our Mlympix website for free.

It is a mind-inclusive game that requires the players to strategically plan their every move. In this game, the players control the pawn tokens whilst competing against the opponents

The chaupar game very much mirrors the famous battle in the Mahabharata. It is the responsibility of the players to chalk out strategies that enable their pawns to see the end game without getting caught or killed.

How to play chaupar game online on Mlympix?

Choose the chaupar game from the home screen

First, download chaupar for android, which means downloading the Mlympix app. After the downloading is over, open the app. You will get directed to the home screen wherein, you can find all the games that are offered on the platform. Choose the one game that you want to play.

Chaupar game is free to play online

The classic board games category mentioned on Mlympix is completely free of cost. It means you don’t have to add any money or deposit it into your wallet to start playing. You have the option to play a 1v1 chaupar duel with other registered players online. Moreover, at most four players can play the chaupar game at a time and enjoy it together on the Mlympix app.

Be a part of the league that aligns your preference

You can earn a chance to win a pretty good cash amount only if you become a part of the league. It means that firstly, you have participated in a league that is appropriate for you to participate in all major Round Robin tournaments. You can opt for the league that aligns with your preference and the sum of money you want to proceed ahead with.

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Is Mylmpix wallet safe to keep our money?

Definitely yes. The deposits and money that are added to your wallet are 100% safe and secured. Only you can access it and withdraw it whenever you want.

Is it possible to make money by playing games online?

Yes. Several games are being offered on the Mlympix platform that allows you to garner fun and make real money at the same time as well. The classic board games at Mlympix is completely free.

Do Indian users compete against each other in matches on the Mlympix app?

Absolutely yes. The Mlympix app holds several matches and provides several gaming options that can be enjoyed by Indian users.

Can I download the Mlympix app on iOS?

As of now, No. The Mlympix app currently supports android devices only. However, the Mlympix team is working to make it available for iOS users too.

What are the different modes of money transfer offered on the Mlympix app?

The users can use either UPI or online bank transfers to add or withdraw money from their Mlympix accounts and wallets.