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These days, online platforms are a must for any given domain. The high and advanced technology has given us the power to develop multiple platforms for various sections like shopping, selling products, money transfer, gaming, etc. Are you looking to download board games that add a sense of entertainment and thrill to your life? One of the most used platforms is for gaming and even allows classic board games to play online, which is available on Mlympix.

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Why is Mlympix better than most of the other gaming platforms?

Mlympix is an online gaming platform that has multiple choices available through which people can enjoy games as well as make money on the go. Along with sports related games, you are given the option to play ancient board games as well which are completely free and can be enjoyed by 3-4 players. Our gaming app is straightforward to use and has a precise and efficient layout.

Along with its unique features, our gaming platform allows you to make money via various matches. Various tournaments and league competitions take place on the app for all the available games and download board games.

Steps to download the Mlympix application

Step 1

First, users must visit the official website of Mlympix to download the application on their Android devices. Click on the download option and select the OK button on the pop-up window.

Step 2

After pressing OK, the app begins to get downloaded. It gets downloaded pretty smoothly since our platform works well with Android.

Step 3

After it shows that the download is completed, go to your settings and activate the “unlock source” feature on your device to successfully install the app.

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Play ancient board games on Mlympix - Chaupar Gameplay

The traditional and classic board game of Chaupar can be enjoyed by players for free. The strategic game allows players to control pawns while fighting opponents resembling the concept of the great battle of Mahabharata. Players must adopt specific strategies to ensure that the pawns reach the final end game without being killed.

How to play ancient board games on Mlympix?

The process of playing any games on our platform, like any hurdling games online, is straightforward to understand since our layout is highly user-friendly and not complicated. Some of the basic steps that will help you to go about our app are mentioned below

Select the game you
choose to play from the
home screen

When you open the app after it is downloaded, you will be taken to the home page, where all the available games on this platform are provided. Choose any of the games you wish to play and begin smoothly. You can also download board games on our platform.

Free to play classic
online board games

The classic board games listed on Mlympix are completely free. You can play 1v1 games with other online players. A total of 4 players can enjoy the classic board games featured on the Mlympix application.

Become a part of a
league that works
best for you.

To win fantastic cash prices, you need to be a part of a suitable league so that you can take part in all the major round robin tournaments. Select a league based on your preference and the amount of money you wish to play with. The matches that take place can even be at a domestic level.

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Is the money kept in our Mlympix wallet secured and safe?

Yes, the money you keep in your personal Mlympix wallet remains highly secured and can be accessed by just you. We take care of the complete safety and security of your cash.

Can somebody make money just by playing online games?

Absolutely yes, there are various features provided by us that allow you to make money by playing matches and round robin tournaments related to any different sports. Playing classic board games to play online on the other hand is absolutely free on Mlympix.

Does this app hold matches among the Indian users?

Yes, this app can hold matches in all the available gaming options which can be enjoyed by all users inside of India. Therefore, it is excellent for people who like to play ancient board games with a diverse touch and exposure.

Is this gaming platform available on IOS?

At the moment, our platform is available on all Android services only. We are still working on creating a platform that suits IOS just as efficiently and effectively as well.

Can the games on this platform be played with more people?

Yes, our services provide the feature of playing multiplayer games with real cash prizes. All the games have a multiplayer option where 1v1 battles can be enjoyed. The classic board games, on the other hand, can be played by a maximum of 4 users.