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Dear Ronaldo, By Punya Chowksey

Read this fan letter to Cristiano Ronaldo, written by Punya Chowksey!


I have watched you play so many times that I can’t recall any moment where you haven’t performed brilliantly. Everything that you do is inched to perfection and is beyond recognition. You are a player who has it all. You are incredibly hard working, you have fanciest skills, you are one of the fastest players in the world and the best thing about you is that you inspire other players around you to give their best and you boost their morale which results in a victory. If I have to particularly point out the best memories I have of you it will be the header that you scored for Manchester United in 26th minute of the Champions League Final 2008. Another moment I remember is the hat- trick that you scored against Spain in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Yet another time that you were the MVP was when you scored a hat-trick against Atlético Madrid in the second leg of Round of 16 of the Champions League in 2019. The best thing about this moment was that you lost the first leg by 2-0 and yet managed to proceed further by winning the second leg. What makes you CR7 is that when the time is right, you deliver for your team and give everything you have. People say that you are getting older and only have a few years left but the beautiful thing is that age is just a number and you have proven it by still being the best in the world. I too am a person who like you is in love with Football and players like you are the reason for it. The only thing that I wish from you is that I would love to see you in Manchester United once again as I am a United fan myself but I know that there is a less likely chance of that happening. So, keep playing the game and keep giving us fans legendary memories that will never die. In the end I would say that keep scoring goals and I would love to see Portugal win the UEFA Nations League back-to-back. “Sii”.