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How Mlympix offers to play real money games online in India

India has seen a massive boom in online gaming. In fact, a recent report by the consulting firm EY India revealed that the country, in 2020, has about 360 million mobile gamers; this number is expected to rise to 510 million in 2022. The internet offers an enormous variety of options to choose from, be it strategic games or just fun ones. Fan favorites include games that recreate sports, especially cricket and football.


Game and app developers have started to take users’ experience up a notch, by introducing real money-earning games online. But, how does it work? How does Mlympix offer its users to play real money games online India?


What are real money-earning games?


The idea behind the concept is rather simple and straightforward. These games are incentivized in such a way that gamers can play and earn money through them. Platforms like Mlympix give real cash rewards to those who play these games.


So, it is not only a fun way to spend time, but it makes the experience a lot more beneficial for those who are especially looking for ways to earn some money.


What are the benefits?


By giving rewards to its players, real money-earning games not only make the experience a lot more exhilarating but can help those who want to financially support themselves through their gaming skills.


It increases accessibility; it empowers every user to have an alternative source of income using just the power of their phones and the determination to win.


This has especially helped gamers during the pandemic when people faced low to no source of income. Sitting at home, gamers could use real money games and play online with their friends.


How does Mlympix help gamers to play real money games online?


We, at Mlympix, are a team of passionate gamers and developers. With the increasing demand to play real money games online India, we decided to begin this venture where users can get access to a huge array of exciting games and earn real money by playing them.           


The app has been developed keeping in mind all the games and sports that are most popular among online gamers in India. From cricket to ludo, our app has it all.


The Process


1.    Register yourself


Our process of registration is easy. All you have to do is visit our website, download the app, sign up, and voila! You become a registered Mlympix athlete.


2.    Set up your Mlympix wallet


If you want to make the most out of our platform and earn real cash, then the next step for you is to add money to your Mlympix wallet – that you may play big and win big!


3.    Choose your game and mode of playing


Once these steps have been taken care of, you can go ahead and choose what game you want to play, and how you want to play it. Mlympix offers multiplayer options, wherein users can play 1v1 games and win cash rewards.


Some of the real money-earning games offered by Mlympix are:


. Cricket

. Hurdling Games

. Archery


… and more!


4.    Win games and earn money


When you play and win, the money you earn is credited to your Mlympix wallet. You can withdraw the amount at your convenience either through UPI or bank transfer. In case you lose a game, money will get deducted from your wallet. But don’t fret, for you can always win it back.


Online Gaming Has Never Been So Rewarding!


It’s time to revolutionize online games. On Mlympix, play real money games online India and experience gaming on a whole new level!