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List of Real Cash Withdrawal Games in India

Online gaming has become an extremely popular medium of entertainment for many Indians. With over 400 million online gamers, the demand for better apps and games has also increased. Users are looking for one thing- a way to make their gaming experience more fulfilling.


New age game developers have come up with the idea of incentivizing online gaming. Our creators brainstormed on this idea and came up with Mlympix- a simple-to-use gaming app that lets users play and earn real money.


Here’s a list of all the real cash withdrawal games you can find on Mlympix.


1.   Online Cricket Games


If there’s one thing Indians are known for, then it’s their love for cricket. There are many games online that allow users to enjoy the sport and play cricket on their devices.


At Mlympix, we wanted to take this experience to another level. As one of the real cash withdrawal games available on our app, users can play an exciting match of cricket and earn cash rewards.


The game is simple yet challenging as users can opt for multiplayer mode and play with others on a one-on-one match battle. In this game, one player bowls while the other bats. In the first half, a target will be set based on how many runs were made. Then the positions are exchanged, and now the one who bowled first much chase the runs that were made by the rival player. 


2.   Online Hurdling Games


We’ve all watched track sports events like hurdling while sitting at the edge of our seats; it is one of the most exciting games to watch. Now, with the help of advanced technology, hurdling games can now be accessed on your phones using the Mlympix app. What’s more, you can earn money upon winning.


The game has been designed in a way that you get to play with another person in a 1v1 competition. In the game, the two players will play against each other at the same time. They must jump and cross all the hurdles that come along the way. The one who wins the hurdling race wins the game…and money!


The game’s difficulty level increases as the players progress through the race, making the game exciting and challenging.


3.   Online Archery Games


Archery is seen as a very intimidating sport, considering the amount of precision and skill it requires. But, with Mlympix, everyone can now experience the game with the help of our app. If you want to learn it, or simply want to enjoy it, you can do it with our gaming platform.


The game works like this: two players compete with each other and take chances to shoot. Players get only a specific amount of chances and rounds, and the player with the maximum points wins the game.


Wait, there’s more!


The Mlympix app lets play multiple rounds, enter league and round-robin tournaments. All of these real cash withdrawal games together help the user earn a lot of money. The money is credited to your Mlympix wallet which you can withdraw anytime, anywhere using our withdrawal channels- UPI and bank transfer.


So, go ahead, experience a new way of gaming with Mlympix, and make money by playing!