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Online Games to Win Money - Have Fun and Earn Cash!

Playing games on the internet is undoubtedly a lot of fun, but playing online games to win money is a whole new level of entertainment that constantly keeps us in competitive spirits.


Gaining a reward while being entertained is a double bonanza for most of us. So let us take a quick look at some online games through which we can have fun and win money at the same time!


Win BIG with These Sports




Cricket is a game that is enjoyed by all and is something that many play on online platforms. It is a multiplayer game where the players get to choose the kind of ball they wish to play with and whether they wish to play offside or leg side.


Additionally, you can play this game with friends and family and earn money in the process. The bank credentials are safeguarded with the highest level of privacy and are not disclosed to any third party.




Regular viewers of the Olympics may have seen jumping hurdles as a part of one of the events. The same takes place in this game where the character is expected to jump hurdles without crashing into them.


The winner of this multiplayer game wins money that is transferred to their account.




Archery is a fun game that many people enjoy in person as well as online with the help of joysticks. Though the game may seem as simple as pulling and shooting ahead, it looks into various other factors such as wind speed and the force with which one draws back the bow.


Many engage in these online games to win money while simultaneously getting an adrenaline rush out of it!


Win BIG with These Classics!




Apart from sports games, there are some other types of online games to win money from. Chaupar is one such type of classic board game that many love to play. It consists of circles and crosses and has rules similar to those followed in Ludo, Pachisi, and Parcheesi.


The game was played by villagers and it was quite a famous traditional game. The board on which the game is played is a cross and pawns and dice are used to help navigate through it. It has now been converted into an online game and in the process, the game is saved from going extinct.


Moksha Patam


Moksha Patam is another classic board game that is most commonly called Snakes and Ladders, today. The rules of the game are quite simple and multiple matches can be played.


The online version of the game helps generate money which makes the game all the more interesting. Mlympix offers digital versions of numerous sports where you can not only play among friends but also earn actual money while gaming! It doesn’t get better than this.


Final Words


Playing for fun is entertaining but competing for money is all the more intriguing. There are different online games from which you can pick, including online sports games such as archery, cricket, and hurdling, and some classic board games.


If you wish to kill time and earn some money on the side, do try these games out!