Mlympix: The best platform to play online games to win money

Online gaming is not a new thing to any gaming lover. But, at this time, it is trending among these users. Do you know the reason behind it?

It’s the feature that allows gaming users to play online games to win real money. Yes, Mlympix offers a platform that provides a variety of online gaming and allows the users to play games and win real money.

Mlympix is a digital platform that is the only online gaming platform that offers league-based games. The features, graphics, rules, winning probability, and efficiency of this platform make it stand top in the online gaming field.

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Why is Mlympix better than other gaming platforms for you?

Mlympix is our gaming application that allows users to play online games with the best graphics and features. We offer a variety of games in the field of sports, Olympics, and board games

But, the feature that makes us different from other gaming platforms is that we help our gaming users to play online sports games to win real money. Not only sports games, but with every game, we offer real money to our users.

Mlympix is a platform that allows gaming lovers to play online games to win real money. Other gaming platforms are still old and do not offer real money for playing online games. We offer a multiplayer feature that increases the interest of our gaming users.

Apart from this, we ensure that all the information of the users, who are playing online games to win money, is safe.

How can you download the Mlympix application?

The process to install the Mlympix application is quite straightforward. You can download the application and start playing in three easy steps:

Step 1

As the initial step of downloading the Mlympix application, a gaming user needs to visit the Mlympix website. Find the option to download this application. Click on Download and then click on the OK option visible on the pop-up window.

Step 2

After clicking OK, the application will begin to download. In minimal time, it will get smoothly downloaded on your Android phone.

Step 3

Once it gets downloaded. Go to your device setting and activate the “unknown source” feature. Now, the application is successfully installed.

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Mlympix online games to win money - The Gameplay

Mlympix offers a wide variety of leagues to its gaming users.
It includes :



snake & ladder




Every sport has different playing rules. Be it with cricket or Archery, a user can select a league and then start playing.

The rules of every game are similar as we play in the real world. A user can play these online sports games to win real money.

How to play online games to win real money on Mlympix?

Search for the Game

The first and foremost step of playing an online game on Mlympix is to search for it. Mlympix offers a variety of sports and board games. Open the Mlympix application and search for the game which you want to play. However, on the homepage of Mlympix, a user will see all the variety of games available for them. In case you didn't find your sport, then search the game.

Add money to your Mlympix's Wallet

Once you have selected the game of your choice, add money to your Mlympix wallet. However, it is necessary only in case you are playing online games to win money. Every information of our user is kept secure with us. With every win, an amount will get credited to the wallet. While on every loss, it will get deducted from the wallet.

Select a league and play effortlessly

Once you have added the amount to your Mlympix account, now you can select a league in your sport or board game. There are many leagues available for every game. A gaming user can choose it as per the budget and interest. However, they can play it on a multiplayer mode as well. The gaming will be smooth afterward.

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Can I install the Mlympix application on the iOS phone?

Mlympix application is available only for Android phones. However, it will be available for iOS phones in the near future.

Is Mlympix offers real money after winning?

Yes, every gaming user who plays online sports games to win real money actually receives the winning amount.

In what sports areas, Mlympix offers online games?

Mlympix offers sports games in the area of cricket, hurdle, and Archery. Apart from this, there are various board games as well.

What are the modes in which I can transfer money to the Mlympix wallet?

Any gaming user can deposit and withdraw real money from the Mlympix wallet. The modes of payment or transfer to the wallet include UPI and online bank transfers.

Is it safe to keep money in Mlympix’s wallet?

Yes, it is completely safe to deposit or withdraw from the Mlympix wallet. Mlympix ensures the security of every user’s money.