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Online Games with Friends: A Pandemic Respite

The pandemic has been hard on everyone. Whether you were stuck at home due to quarantine, or just simply due to the various lockdown measures, constricting yourself within the four walls of your home became the new normal.


This situation forced a lot of people to play online games with friends and family to kill time while simultaneously entertaining themselves. Let us take a look at some ways in which online games were and still are the ultimate pandemic respite!


1.    Connecting with People


The quarantine and lockdown period did not last for just a few days but an entire year altogether, with almost no physical connection to friends and family. Even though contact could be made via online modes, there wasn’t much to talk about either.


That’s when people started to play online games with friends and family. This kept them connected as they were playing games together and were also able to chat with each other. Many even considered this to be time well spent, and for good reason!


Many people took to Mlympix, a digital platform where gamers can connect and play sports games using real money. Their Instagram, Youtube blog features regular posts and updates. Sports enthusiasts head to Mlympix’s social media and community to discuss rare facts about their favorite sportspersons. In this way, they can connect and bond with each other despite lockdown restrictions still active in some places.


2.    Quarantine Blues Buster


Quarantine was quite the hurdle for those who had to travel regularly for work. It was hard on students too, who had to adjust to a new model of online learning. That’s when playing online games with friends came to the rescue, helping them forget the temporary turmoil that they were in.


The games could be played at any time and could last as long as they wanted them to last! The wide choice of games, from sports to classics, gave the players tons of entertainment.


3.    Keeping mental health in check


The majority of the people were confined to their homes, sometimes far from family. Being in isolation isn’t the best scenario for us to be in, especially for long durations of time.


Sitting with one’s thoughts for hours as well as reading and hearing the constant negative news took a toll on many people’s mental well-being. So, they decided to take a step back from this negativity and instead play online games to curb negativity, and spread positivity!


Playing online games with friends on platforms like Mlympix is a great way to keep your brain stimulated and also engage with other players.


4.    Substitution for reality


Reality is not something that’s easy to accept. Being in constant fear for our near and dear ones is quite awful. The current situation also means that we can’t meet our loved ones, and assure them that everything is going to be okay, with a hug.


Online games with friends are a quick escape from reality, placing the players in a calmer state of mind. Playing a few hours a day can definitely help you substitute reality for a short while, so you can come back ready to face challenges head-on.


Final Words

With the pandemic going on for more than a year now, people have accepted it as the new normal. People have found respite in playing online games with friends and family, helping keep their mental health in check, and keeping in touch with friends and family.


It’s a great leisure activity to spend time on and of course, the perfect substitution for the sad reality of events taking place.  If you haven’t played multiplayer online games yet, go ahead and do so straight away! Enjoy!