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Play Ludo Online Vs Offline: What's Better?

The advent of technology has transformed the ways in which people perceive the world and also their lifestyles. As the COVID-19 pandemic introduced strict restrictions and social distancing became the new norm, people started embracing the online gaming world.


Games like Ludo are often played offline because of the thrill and the experience we get in playing the game together with our friends and family. After all, it is all about the moments that we cherish together while playing games!


However, with the pandemic changing our lifestyles, you can use the Mlympix app to play Ludo online. The online gaming world served as a respite to thousands of people trapped within the walls of their homes. This raises the question: What’s better? Would you prefer playing Ludo online or offline?


The Online World of Ludo


Playing Ludo online has its own set of merits. While you may not initially process the transition from a physical board game to a virtual one, you will slowly grow accustomed to it. The high-end graphics used for designing online Ludo make it a highly thrilling and exciting experience.


Besides, you also get a platform to connect with people in the global arena! This further enriches your experience of playing Ludo! So, the next time your friends or family are busy with their work, you can find thousands of willing opponents just a click away!


Another perquisite you get if you play Ludo online is that it is time-bound which means your opponents can not take their sweet time in rolling the dice because we understand how frustrating that wait duration can be! It also reduces the chances of cheating while rolling the dice and ensures fair play.


The online world of Ludo also offers you an opportunity to earn cash prizes and brush up your skills while playing with players from different time zones and corners of the world!


Playing Ludo Offline


No matter how interactive online Ludo can be, nothing beats the real experience of playing Ludo offline. Since these games do not require high-end gadgets, the investment put into playing Ludo is significantly reduced.


You also get to talk to people live and create memorable bonds with each other. The spirit of playing a game, the bliss while you strike off your opponent’s pawn, and the taste of victory are more pronounced and real when you sit together and play Ludo! These social interactions pave the way for a healthy mind.


But what if you can retain these social interactions online? Mlympix allows you to play Ludo online with your friends! So in case one of you is traveling but you don’t want to miss your weekly Ludo session together, you can hop onto Mlympix and enjoy a match online!


Final Thoughts


The final judgment of deciding between online and offline is all upon you. In the end, you can always play Ludo online if your Ludo squad is busy!