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Popular Online Real Money Games: Sports Edition

Games have always been a fun and exciting way to pass our time, especially during the pandemic. Online games are even better - you can connect with people all around the world and play on your phone.


There are so many types of online games - arcade, adventure, racing, sports, etc… Online games have entered a new era in recent years - they have become online real money games that let you earn money when you win a game. Mlympix is a real money gaming platform that allows you to play on your mobile with multiple players with actual money!


Buzzing Online Sports Games


The best part is that these games are not limited to the rummy and arcade types - no, you also have several online sports games that involve real money to make it more competitive and exciting. Mlympix promotes sports in India via its digital platform and the gaming app is a league-based sports gaming platform where users can use their skills to play sports virtually.


They include popular sports like cricket, football, but also some others like archery and hurdling. Want to know more? Don’t worry! We have created a small guide below on how these online real money games work and how to play them expertly.




India and its love for cricket can be traced back several decades, even centuries. Now in the modern-day, playing online cricket with a squad you create and making money out of it is the trend. Anyone who knows the basics of how cricket works, can easily put together a squad of their own and start playing.


Generally, online cricket games are 1vs1 - that is, you’ll have to form your squad and compete with another registered user. Based on the toss, you’ll get to either bat or bowl. The rest of the game goes by the traditional rules too. With a strong team, reliable platform, and enough talent, you can definitely make loads of money out of this game!




A very engaging yet unexpected sport to be available online, archery has piqued the curiosity of several thousands of gamers. The rules are simple - it will be a 1vs1 game where both the players will get alternative chances to shoot at the target. The player with the higher accuracy and most precise shots will win.


Archery is not just for entertainment, but it can also improve your concentration. One of the most interesting online real money games, archery is something every gamer should give a try!




Hurdling is a game where you have to run and jump over hurdles that are kept on your track. Rapidly rising in popularity, this is a competitive and fast-paced game that demands intense attention from the gamer. Played traditionally in 1vs1, you and your opponent will have to jump the set of hurdles placed at a certain distance.


On certain gaming platforms, there are even tournaments for online real money games like these. By participating in these, one can earn good amounts if they are trained enough.


Final Words


These are only a few online sports games that are trending now! With a secure and reliable platform, some practice, and a determined spirit, any gamer can certainly make a surprising amount of money by playing these highly competitive games. Beware of fraud and choose a trustworthy platform, then you are already halfway through to making money!