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Rare Facts About Sania Mirza

Here are 7 Kisse Ansune about ace Tennis star, Sania Mirza!


1. The genesis of a dream


Sania wanted to become a tennis player since she was just 6. She took her tennis coaching from Krishna Bhupathi, the father of tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi. At the age of 12, she started to get training under her father, Imran Mirza. Imran almost risked his career of journalism to fulfill his daughter's dream.



2. Sania, The Allrounder!


She was also good in studies, in fact, she was a geek who would prefer studying to playing. It was Sania’s teacher who identified the extraordinary skills she possessed as a player. And from then on, Sania concentrated more on tennis.



3. Double Trouble!


Sania began her career as a singles player but switched to doubles after finding it more suitable to her game. She won her first grand slam with Mahesh Bhupathi at the Australian Open in 2009.



4. The Glorious Feat


Sania was just 18 when she was conferred the prestigious Arjuna Award in 2004. The WTA named her ‘Newcomer of the Year’ in 2005 and Padma Shri then came her way in 2006.



5. Who inspires the one who inspires?


Sania Mirza, accepts to be greatly influenced by the German player Steffi Graff.



6. In-Sania (Read Insane) Records!


It was after 51 years that an Indian girl even appeared in an Australian Open Grand Slam finale, the last one being Rita Dabur in 1952. Later in 2015, Sania became the first Indian woman to win a Women’s Doubles Grand Slam. In total she has won 3 Women Doubles Grand Slams, all with the same partner, Martina Hingis and 3 Mixed Double Grand Slams.



7. Google’s favorite!


In the year 2010, Sania Mirza also became the internet sensation ranking top as the most searched Indian sportsperson in Google search engine.