Unlock the treasure of online gaming with Mlympix

The invasion of technology has propelled our lives into an unprecedented virtual world. Today the technology has glued into each second of our lives. Even the games that we used to enjoy in our childhood have made an online presence and that too with a bang.

Well, it figures when the online gaming industry has been soaring high for the past few years. And the reason? Quite simple.

With time, people have learned that online real cash games are not only a great way to connect to friends and play along with them but, they can also avail themselves a chance to earn real money if wagering is an option. And that’s why Mlympix has grabbed the attention of many.

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Why is Mlympix better than any other platform for you?

Mlympix is an online gaming platform that brings an opportunity to play several online real cash games including, online cricket and archery games.

In addition, you can also find some boards games like Moksha Patam and chaupar for free.

The easy access and simple maneuver on the website give brownie points to the Mlympix platform.

Aside from the availability of various adrenaline-rushing games, the players also stand a chance to make real money on Mlympix.

How can you download the Mlympix application?

The uniquely different Mlympix application can be downloaded in a very simplistic way. You have to follow only three easy steps to open the doors of this thrilling gaming platform, which are as follows:

Step 1

The first step is that you have to visit the Mlympix website to download the application for Android OS. Afterward, click on the download app option available on the homepage and tap "OK" when the pop-up notification appears on the window to allow the download. Don’t worry Mlympix application is 100% safe and secure.

Step 2

As you tap on OK, you have to wait for a few minutes to let the application download on your device. This application is Android-friendly software. Therefore, you don't have to worry about any lag or glitches. Currently, the app is supported on Android version 7.0 and above.

Step 3

After the application is done downloading, you have to go to the settings and then turn on the “Unknown source” to enjoy the online gaming on Mlympix and play real cash withdrawal games.

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Mlympix real cash withdrawal games online - The Gameplay

Mlympix is an online multi-player platform that allows its players to make real cash. It offers its registered users an opportunity to play against other registered players in 1v1 duels.

There are several gaming options available for interested players. Let’s look at what Mlympix has in store for you :

Sports game Category

  • Online cricket game
  • Hurdling
  • Online archery

Classic Board Games category

  • Chaupar
  • Mokshpatam

All these game have their own set of rules and regulations. However, players don’t need to worry about the complexity of rules. They are pretty much similar to the way we play in real life.

How to play online real cash game on Mlympix?

Search for the game you want to play

After you have downloaded the Mlympix app, visit the home screen of the app. On the home screen, you can find several gaming options and choose the one you want to play. For example: if the user wants to play chaupar, he has to click on that to kick-start the Gameplay

Add money to your Mlympix wallet

Afterward, you have opted for the game you are required to recharge your Mlympix accounts to start the real gameplay. You have to add a specific sum of money to initiate wagering and enjoy gaming on Mlympix. Also, you don’t have to be concerned about your money since the wallet is 100% safe and holds your deposits and the amount you have won till you decide to withdraw them. However, any loss in the game will deduct the wagering amount like it is mentioned in league settings.

Opt a league and start playing

Each game on Mlympix has several leagues that you can access only after wagering a certain sum of money. The paid games have an option of 1v1 multiplayer. You can easily enjoy the online games on Mlympix in remote areas as well.

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Which online games can I find on the Mlympix platform?

Mlympix offers several games that can be classified into two categories:

Sports games: Archery, Cricket, and Hurdling

Board games: Chaupar, moksh patam.

Can I download this app on my iOS?

The app is currently android friendly software. However, the team is working to make it available for iOS users too soon.

I'm apprehensive if my money in my Mlympix wallet is safe or not?

The money and deposits in the Mlympix wallet are 100% safe and secure.

Are there any national-level matches on Mlympix?

Mlympix holds leagues and tournaments which are as big as national-level matches.

Are the games on Mlympix single-player or multi-player?

Mlympix offers its users multiplayer options on its online games.