Enjoy the thrilling and mind-edgy skilled based games at Mlympix

Long gone are the days when online games used to lure teenagers only. Nowadays, people from all categories of ages have joined the online stream too. As much as it can be attributed to the fact that online skilled based games are the source of fun and enjoyment, these games allow people to fill their pockets as well. The combination of entertainment mixed with a chance to mint revenues has ushered the growth of the online gaming industry.

And with the expansion of industry came a hike in expectations of people. The online gamers now want something that entertains them, gives them an adrenaline pump, and tests their skills. That’s where Mylmpix comes into the picture. Mlympix is an advanced gaming platform that offers you games that are equally brainy and earn a chance to win money from that.

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Why is Mylmpix better than other gaming platforms for you?

Mlympix is a real money-inclusive gaming platform where multiple players can play the game at the same time. It is a digital gaming platform that aims to promote the online skilled based games among interested users, especially the sports game.

The platform is ready to expand its root at the international level. At Mlympix, users are assured that their financial information and credentials are 100% safe and secured as it is managed by a team of professionals.

Each game available on Mlympix is in multiplayer mode so that you can enjoy these games easily with your friends.

At Mlympix, the players have the opportunity to earn real money while enjoying top-tier games. Hence, if you are searching for online skilled based game android, then you should download the Mlympix app.

How can you download the Mlympix application?

The procedure to download the Mlympix application is confined to just three simple steps. You have to follow the below mentioned three easy steps to become a part of the Mlympix virtual world

Step 1

The very first step is that you have to visit the homepage of Mylmpix's official website wherein you can easily spot the download app option. As you will click on it, a pop-up notification will appear asking for permission, just tap OK to start the installation.

Step 2

Next, you have to wait as the application gets downloaded. Note that Mlympix is compatible with any android device and currently supports android version 7.0 and above.

Step 3

Lastly, as the app is downloaded, open the settings in your phone and turn on the unknown source to complete the installation.

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Mlympix skilled based games online- The Gameplay

Mlympix is a one of its kind gaming platform where only thrilling and exciting games are provided to the users. The online gaming website holds the objective to spread the skill-based sports game all over India.

Mlympix is the only league-based sports game platform that works on designing games that test and polishes your pure skills in various sports.

The users can find cricket games, Hurdling, and archery in the sports-based category games on Mlympix. All of these games are multiplayer that can be enjoyed by at most 3-4 players.

The most interesting part is that with each win, players are rewarded with real cash prizes as well.

How to play online skilled based games android on Mlympix?

The procedure to play hurdles game on Mlympix is quite simple and the layout of the game is very interesting. Some of the basic steps that are important for the user to know before playing the game online are:

Choose the game of your choice

After you have downloaded the Mylmpix app, you have to open the app and come to the home screen of the app. On the home screen, you can spot all the games that are offered by Mlympix. From amongst them, choose the one you want to play. For example: if you want to play online Cricket, you have to select it from the list featured on the home screen.

Add a sum of money to your Mlympix account

The second step includes adding the money to your Mlympix accounts. Deposit a specific amount in your wallet to initiate wagering and play the games listed on the Mlympix application. You don’t have to be concerned about the money that you have added or the amount you earn by winning games. The wallet keeps the total sum safe until you decide to take it out. However, the deduction of wager will take place whenever you lose a game.

Opt a league according to your preference

All the games on the game list of the Mlympix app have league matches that can be accessed only by wagering a certain sum of money. You have to select a league that aligns with your skillset and preferences. Play vigorously and smartly to improve your rankings, reach up the ladder and easily convert the ranks in real money by winning every single game. The paid sports games have the option of 1v1 multiplayer. The classic board games are free to play on Mlympix.

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Does the Mlympix app work perfectly on android?

Absolutely yes! The Mlympix app is designed specifically for android devices as of now. Currently, the app supports android version 7.0 and above.

What are the options for money transfer on the Mlympix app?

The Mlympix app provides its users two money transfer options: UPI and bank account.

Is my money in the Mlympix account safe?

Yes. The deposits and money won from matches are 100% safe in your Mlympix account. No one can access your money or use it. Only you can decide when to withdraw it.

Can the Mlympix app be downloaded on iOS?

No. Mylmpix can be downloaded on Android devices only.

Does the Mlympix app hold league matches?

Each game on the Mylmpix app is assigned league matches. You can access these league matches only after wagering money.