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Start the year in style with these trending Online Real Money Games!

Online games with cash rewards are the latest fantasy for every player. If you have been playing e-games just for fun, online real money games now offer some exciting choices! With brilliant features and a bonanza of bonuses, check out these trending games that can motivate you to kick-start a rewarding new year!


1.    Cricket

Cricket is a game loved by one and all, by all age groups! From crossing your fingers for boundaries to leaping at joy at a wicket fall, this game is truly evergreen. But now, it doesn’t have to be limited to watching your favorite teams play, you can join in on the fun too.


Do you miss playing cricket? Super fun online real money games including cricket are now available to play anytime right on your mobile! You can find easy batting modes using arrows to hit the ball left or right and auto-bowling features to play the game solo.


The game also provides different bowling styles like swing, bouncers, Yorkers, and cutters for exciting variations. You can play individually to achieve score points or play with your gang to compete for the highest score to win cash rewards.



2.    Hurdling


Watching your favorite athlete hurdle over the obstacle course and bring glory to their team is just amazing. Have you ever wanted to try hurdling but, changed your mind thinking you’ll get injured?


Hurdling isn't a limitation anymore, as the virtual hurdling game is now available to play and win money, as though in the glorious Olympics.  On popular online platforms, you can choose an avatar to control and play through easy swiping to avoid obstacles, jump over or even slide under the hurdles.


Apart from level-winning rewards, in the best online real money games, you can even find bonus rewards for every jump, double jump, or swift overtake against your competitors. So, you can start this new year by mastering the basics of a new sport, virtually.



3.    Archery


Don't have enough confidence to aim correctly? Even if you can't handle a real bow and arrow, the online archery games can reward you with the best for every aim and play. You can easily adjust your shot by dragging and swiping across the screen to shoot the arrow straight.


If you think you can perfectly aim every time, the game amazingly considers all the natural factors like wind, velocity, and the bow's force which might drop your shot.  Thus, this is probably the best take to enjoy earning achievements while experiencing real gaming. Of course, like with the actual archery these online real money games will also need loads of practice to perfect. Are you ready for the challenge?



Final Words


The most cherished sports and classic games are now available as online real money games to provide an alternative to the so-famous gambling and betting games. You can enjoy multiplayer private rooms, thrilling bonuses, and secure downloadable apps to play anytime, anywhere.


If you are looking for an easily accessible and reliable platform with all these games and features, you can check out Mlympix. You can easily register and play without any cash and time limits! Enjoy!