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What is Mlympix Athlete (also referred to as “Athlete”)?

The registered user on the Mlympix platform is known as Mlympix Athlete.

What do I need to do to sign up?

You can sign up via truecaller (one tap login) or phone number (OTP verification) on Mlympix.

Is it safe to login on Mlympix?

Yes, it is completely and 100% safe. All your details and data are safe. We believe in complete transparency with our athletes.

Can I skip the login?

You can skip the login and browse the application. But for playing games and accessing the account, wallet, leaderboard and referral, login is a must.

Do I need to enter all the details in the profile page?

Yes, for onboarding on Mlympix without any hustle and a smooth functioning of application and playing games. Fill all the details as per your Aadhar Card.

I am under 18 years of age. Am I not allowed to log in and play on Mlympix?

No, only people who are above 18 years of age with a sound mind are allowed to play paid games (sports section). Everyone, even athletes less than 18 years old, are ALLOWED to play free games (classics games).

I belong to a restricted state. Am I not allowed to log in and play on Mlympix?

No, as part of our terms and conditions, we cannot allow players from these states to play on Mlympix. Everyone, even athletes from restricted states, are ALLOWED to play free games (classics games).

How to refer?

The athlete can refer to his/her friends using a shareable link via Whatsapp and other text sharing platforms. For each successful referral the athlete will get Rs 20/- as bonus cash. Click on the referral tab in the footer and share the link/code from there.

How to download an app using a referral link?

Click on the referral link in the message, you will be redirected to the website for downloading the application. Enter your mobile number (Use the same mobile number for registering on Mlympix App) in the popup for autofilled referral code and then press the download button. If you are not filling in the mobile number here, you can enter the referral code directly in the application.

What is a successful referral?

The successful referral is downloading the application {">>"} installing the application {">>"} login {">>"} playing a paid game.

What is Mlympix Wallet?

This is a virtual wallet for the athlete. This has all the details of cash deposited, winnings, usable balance etc. Money that is either deposited by the athlete or that is won by the athlete gets stored in this wallet. In order to cash out, the athlete will have to use the Withdraw button.

Can you explain with an example how Mlympix Wallet and its components work?

Step 1 : athlete deposits 100₹ using Add Cash; Cash Deposited - 100₹ + Winnings - 0₹ = Current Balance - 100₹

Step 2 : athlete pays an entry fee of 10₹ to play a match; Cash Deposited - 90₹ + Winnings - 0₹ = Current Balance - 90₹

Step 3 : athlete wins a game and gets a reward of 15₹; Cash Deposited - 90₹ + Winnings - 15₹ = Current Balance - 105₹

Step 4 : athlete can withdraw any amount as desired from 105₹ using Withdraw button

My Transaction says it's been pending and money from my bank account is debited?

Do not panic! Please go ahead and make another transaction. Any pending transaction where an amount is debited from your account, is credited back by your bank in 7-10 business days.

What kind of games are there in Mlympix?

There are 2 kinds of games, sports games which are paid games and classics games which are free to play.

Who is going to be my opponent in multiplayer games?

You will be matched with another Mlympix athlete playing in the same league and game room. Mlympix employs algorithms to match players based on their skill level.

Is it required to do a KYC to withdraw my winnings?

To withdraw any amount from the Mlympix account, you need to upload your KYC details. This is for your security.

Is there any transaction fee on withdrawals?

There is no transaction fee on withdrawals.You can withdraw any amount. No minimum withdrawal limit.